More work from Steve Ditko’s Charlton period! This time we present a tale from THE THING! Issue 12 of this title was actually Ditko’s first published cover, and he really hit the ground running.  No doubt fuelled by youthful enthusiasm and in keeping with Pre-code standards of the time, the covers in this run are marked by a sheer intensity that rather takes one back given his later output.

Now let us venture into issue 14’s “The Evil Eye!”

Protagonists Gerda and Warren are both engagingly drawn characters, Warren, in particular, is a classic Ditko face. Ditko had a seemingly never-ending capacity to depict unique and distinctive principals, drawn from real life yet utterly recognizable as from his pen. Even in this nascent period, his cast remains resolutely on-model throughout. This is a feat even long-term professionals struggle with, Ditko, however, makes it all look so easy.

Gerda is a fun little character too if perhaps a tad on the nose? Signposting that she is no ordinary housewife on page one may be giving away your hand fairly early, but well, it’s all a bit of romp anyway so why quibble.

No,  rather let’s instead …read on!




Good lord.


Well that’s a …thing.


Please enjoy a choice selection from the cream of Ditko’s The THING covers!

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