My Friend is Not Quite Human

Another early Atlas classic from the Twin talents of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. Initially printed in Tales to Astonish 13, way back in 1959! This time with only one page of original art to display, I kindly took it upon myself to desaturate the remastered colours of the latest published version of this tale. Without the heavy chroma to distract, I feel one can better appreciate Ditko’s elegant, simple linework.

Just for interest’s sake, I’ve again included another printing, this time from Where Monsters Dwell 6, 1970. Just to see how a different colorist interpreted the work. It is interesting to compare the palettes, and which elements of the panel they’ve respectively decided to emphasize. (The latest Marvel Masterworks version is derived from the earliest version of course.) In some ways, there may be an influence of which hues were more in vogue at the time it was represented. I fancy I see a touch of the 70s in the far warmer palette that was chosen on the second attempt!

Please Enjoy!

A sample of Original art. Lovely feathering on the Gargoyle.
Tales_to_Astonish_Vol1 number 13
Sample Page original printing, Tales To Astonish volume 1 number 13, 1959
Marvel Masterworks restored version. Marvel Masterworks Atlas Era, Tales to Astonish Vol 2.



Orange you glad you scrolled to look?
Where Monsters Dwell 1970, quite a different warm-toned palette evident. Orange you glad you scrolled to look?

wmd 2wmd 3wmd 4wmd5

grey 1
Indulge yourself in perusing the linework of a master. So simple yet effective. Note that distinctive Ditko drapery as well!

grey 2grey 3grey 4grey 5

one perfect panel
ONE PERFECT PANEL. Instantly identifiable as Ditko! The framing, the brushwork-those eyebrows!

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