We Met In The Swamp!

A classic pairing this time, the man whose horror and mystery comic work we’re spending an extended period covering, the great Steve Ditko teaming up with Jack (the King-and equally great) Kirby. Two titans who did so much to shape modern comics, utterly transforming the notion of superheroes in their own respective ways, and contributing mightily to the horror genre in particular.

And what a sweet team up it is, With Kirby on pencils and Ditko supplying inks this tale was always going to look terrific. The strengths of both here are present. Strong layouts meet simple but sensitive brushwork to great effect.

The story itself is a fun little entry with a bit of a twist in the tail. I particularly love the characterful figure of Lem Whipple, in both his older swamp dweller form and as a young “shaver” encountering Alien visitors.

All good fun!

Enjoy now this presentation, combining original art in its purest pen and inky goodness, with no less than two different colored versions to provide an interesting contrast. There are elements of interest in both versions, though I have a slight inclination to the harmonized warm muted hues of the first interpretation shown.

Original Art, Tales To Astonish, vol 1, 7. Jan 1960.


It was all going so well…!


1 (2)
Recolored Version for 1970’s reprint Where Monsters Dwell Vol 1#5 1970.

2 (2)3 (2)4 (2)5 (2)

Remastered version Marvel Masterworks, the Atlas era, Tales to Astonish Vol 1.

So sharp and clear, Ditko’s linework is far better preserved in the latest printing.


cu 1
ONE DISSECTED PANEL. A lot of good ones to chose from but I love this old mans face, so nicely weathered and full of character. Nice brush work by Ditko here. Strong lines and lovely feathering.
cu 3
Nice big close-up to again highlight the quality of reproduction in the marvel masterworks edition released recently. Lines that have closed up or been lost in the earlier printing are clearly evident in the more recent version. Great to see this level of care present. The clarity of the Marvel Masterworks production is outstanding for such old material.
cu colour
Blacks are crisp, fine lines are evident without the crushing that can result in using photoshop to restore old comics.
details face
Many lines are missing here, the feathering all lost in his left eye, the line of the top lip, many thinner lines closed up. Still looks good, the underlying drawing is so strong.

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