Yet more Ditko, in this extended presentation of the mystery and horror tales of Steve Ditko. Again teaming with that Stan lee fellow as the writer (and I should mention the reliable Artie Simek on lettering chores!), he offers another fine entry from his prolific early period. This one is from Tales of Suspense 42 from 1963, the lead feature was ostensibly some Iron Man fellow, pish! We know where the real action was. Hold on tight, True believers!                                                                                                                                1
Great strong design here, Ditko excels at this feature of the short story, the title splash pages are always simple, dramatic with a sharp eye for composition.
Rodney knows a good bet when he sees it. Who’s your money on? Nice interplay between these two, who resemble a middle-aged Peter Parker and Flash Thompson here. Not my favourite type of Ditko protagonists, but we’ve been treated to some gems in previous instalments.
Working that frame. Lots of good build up here, establishing the spooky environment. Good composition too, using foreground elements to establish depth in the panel. Very nice sequence.
Again good composition. With a few simple elements, the mood of lurking is maintained. Leading to a terrifying…..whaat?
Well, that certainly was an expected twist! A good enough wrap up of an overall tidy piece of work by Ditko.


love this page, the coloring does add rather than detract as so often can be the case.


comparison side by side
A side by side comparison, the original art and the final printed version. Nice subtle coloring here, complimenting Ditko’s work, interesting choice to leave the figures uncolored so often through the story.
one perfect panel
ONE PERFECT PANEL, all the mystery, atmosphere and design we expect from the master.

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