It Was Only a Simple Barber Shop…… Or Was It?

Welcome again my fine fellow travellers, This time a real treat from Tales of Suspense 29, cover dated 1962! This tale is a genuine “cut” above, Very “trim” at only 5 pages, but what our protagonist thought would be a “snip” ends up being a very “hairy situation” indeed!  Alas, all Muggsy Bogar’s plans were “cut short”.

Please enjoy our feature presentation, and do stop by again for our ….”combing attractions!” (I think I’ll stop now…)

Tales of Suspense Vol 1, no 29, Jan 62
Muggsy Bogar! Ah, what a name, and what a wonderful bit of character work from Ditko’s brush. Another memorable, rough around the edges entry in his rogue’s gallery.
Such helpful fellows.
What the.. this seems a bit of a “split end?” Alas, the original art for this tale doesn’t include the final page! Calm yourself though, we wouldn’t leave you hanging by the short and curlies!
Worst.Barber.Ever. Just wanted a bit off the top….


barber original
Recolored reprint, Journey into Mystery Vol 2, number 15, 1972.
1 (2)
Marvel Masterworks remastered version, again outstanding crisp clear blacks. Great work here!


barber Line Up
Little Side by side comparison.
one perfect panel
ONE PERFECT PANEL: maybe not a clear winner today. But who can resist its obvious charms?

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