The Face!


Welcome once more, as the celebration of one of the most significant talents in comics continues. Yet another great wee tale from the dazzling brush of Steve Ditko, this time we venture back to fabled times of 1961, and the pages of Tales of Suspense 26!

Such a great opening image, what needs to be said? Intensely dramatic and with such striking design. It’s a masterpiece of Ditko fever dream paranoia, with multiple beautiful visages looming down upon the hapless protagonist. Just wonderful!

But pray, do not tarry,  for much dread awaits you oh expectant one! Read on!



Only one piece of original art here alas, but what a gem! One of Ditko’s best!


face grey
Some black and white linework for you in full FESTUSVISION to peruse. The closest we can get to seeing the artists unadulterated work. So great to see the simple effective compositions and page design in its pure form. Such treats I bestow!

face grey 2face grey 3

face grey5
The first step is a doozy!
And now, in full lurid color!


So good, let’s bask in this one again. Mmm. Just dreamy. Courtesy Marvel Masterworks, Atlas Era, Tales of Suspense Vol 3 (2010)
Face Don't panic
Side by side comparison with the original print and the Marvel Masterworks, Atlas Era Vol 3, 2010 Remaster! Looks like the original intent of the colorist has finally been attended to. The Separator possibly erred in the original printing as there is no way that orange hue was the desired result. Crisp linework and rich blacks, the misregistered color has also been corrected. Ditko’s work is well served by this modern reprinting.
one perfect panel
ONE PERFECT PANEL. Lovely bit of design here, almost Toth like in its elegant simplicity, all the relevant information is displayed, with a minimum of fuss. I like it!

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