Apologies, But old Festus has been very busy shifting Crypts this last wee while and what a “GRAVE UNDERTAKING” that turned out to be. But let us leave such mundane trifles behind us, as we journey down the mysterious corridors of the imagination,  onwards ever onwards, to …The Doorway To Nowhere!

Appearing in the same issue that featured Ant-Man’s first appearance, this uncanny little tale has the lovely little noirish touches we’ve come to expect from this period of Ditko’s work married with just a hint of the psychedelia that would find it’s full flowering on Doctor Strange (and later still Doctor Greaves).

Hugo Cragg, our rogueish protagonist, who as luck would have it is also rather a talkative fellow, ventures into a house of most strange aspect. Read on!

The complete original art for this tale is offered here, feast your eyes on pure unfiltered Ditko!
Nice Alex Toth -like simplicity in the heavy shadows of the composition in panel 5, Framing Cragg in the window, the light cast from the window leads the eye left to right. No extraneous detail needed to set the scene.
Of course, you will Hugo…


Clever use of black panels here. very nice sequence!


Not Quite the trippy visuals he would become known for it just a few short years, but a rather “Mind-bending” portrayal all the same!
The original printing is shown here for comparison.
Marvel Masterworks reprinting. Marvel Masterworks, Atlas Era, Tales to Astonish volume 4, (2012) To be exact!
Doorway last
The vivid yellow hue does add to the storytelling here, no Ditko swirls here alas. Just think of the greatness yet to come tho…
one dissected panel
ONE DISSECTED PANEL: this panel stands out to me, Great character, nice mood. Nice framing, very simple, yet so effective.


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