Welcome back oh Constant Reader!

Again, it’s been far too long but as they are wont to say “Time gets away from us all in the end” (as DR. Death would no doubt concur!)

So ever onward we go, as we enter the fabled first Charlton era of Steve Ditko’s oeuvre!  This story appears in the issue that actually marked Charlton’s final publication of “THIS MAGAZINE IS HAUNTED“(May 1958). Originally a hit for Fawcett comics it was later sold (amongst other properties) to Charlton. The title continued its numbering from the Fawcett run until the contentious Comics Code hit in the mid-fifties. Naturally, this produced an abrupt change in tone towards one more focused on mystery and suspense, which was met alas, with a corresponding decline in sales. The low sales precipitated a reboot of the title ( Hmmm. sounds familiar). It is from this newly remodeled incarnation that we now enjoy this tasty tale.

Narrated by Doctor Haunt (likely designed by Ditko himself)- the post- comics code answer to DR. Death- we are presented with a trusty Charlton standby: The time travel tale! Hold on tight as we’ll let DR HAUNT take over …


A very interesting device of using center panels to allow DR HAUNT to run his narration through the story. I’ve not seen this device used elsewhere, but it is rather elegant and shows Ditko’s awareness of the page as a unit. The close up in the final tier seems rather ominous, and perhaps just a little off with no dialogue emanating forth from that grim visage?


Ah, well that’s a relief!



A little hint of the wonders that THIS MAGAZINE IS HAUNTED #16 ( Mar 1954) offered the first time around. (sigh) So beautiful. The joys that Wertham’s Code denied us! Some of Ditko’s most disturbing imagery on offer here!


one dissected panel.jpg
ONE DISSECTED PANEL! Yesss. Quite partial to this one. 




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